Allison Crews

Allison Crews’s foxhunting stories fill the imagination of readers of all ages. In them, Crews captures the world of the fearless men and women who, heralded by the music of the hunting horn, risk life and limb weekly for the love of the chase.

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"Addictive action adventure novels with a soul!" - Luz Huesca 




Using her insider knowledge of foxhunting and growing up in Mississippi, Allison Crews delivers another captivating tale of passion and principles in the deep South.

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Antithesis (Hardback - sold out!)
Elliott is a nice girl from a proper Southern family and, so far
, has only been interested in horses. Until she sees Griffen – an electrifying horseman who stops her heart at a foxhunt. But will his fear of reliving a dark past be strong enough to keep him away from her? Does she even want to be protected from who he is likely to be?


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Impasse (Hardback - $25.00 no charge for shipping or tax!)
Elliott Marks is sure that her dreams have come true when the love of her life moves to Oxford. At the same time, she wonders whether her attraction to him is a gift, a cruel twist of fate, or a prelude to greater things to come. In this funny, fast-moving novel about living in the South, Elliott and her friends discover far more dangerous creatures than what they chase with the hounds.

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Nemesis (Hardback - sold out!)
In this fast-moving tale of foxhunting, friendship, and romance, Elliott Marks and Griffen Case kick on with their tumultuous relationship in spite of its rising passions, reigning principles, and now – risky alternatives. But in the shadows, someone is watching, an ever-present someone who wants revenge for stolen hope.

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